Dealing with Adversity

Dealing with Adversity

In the world you will have tribulation;
but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world
” John 16:33

The typical view of the Christian life is that it means being delivered from all adversity. As a child of God, there is no way to escape dealing with adversity. In the verse that introduced this thought Jesus said we should expect it.  Jesus says you should not be surprised when it arrives. He said our expectation may be fear but Jesus said we should face it with cheer; not just cheer but good cheer. Some people who refused to talk about their adversities before they were saved often complain and worry after coming to salvation because they have the wrong idea of what it means to live the life of a saint. Salvation is not an insurance policy against adversity. All we have to do is examine the Gospel accounts of our Lord’s earthly life and it will lower expectations of a trouble free life. Should we expect easier treatment by our spiritual enemies than our Lord received? The answer is absolutely not.

The Bible makes it clear that adversity has the power to increase our faith. A life without difficulties would lead us to a weaker faith. When we experience problems that drive us to God our faith in Him will increase. Job received his well documented patience through a life filled with adversity. What should our attitude be concerning adversity? Expect it, accept it cheerfully and then take it the Lord.

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