Time for God?

Time for God?

Do you recall the story of the “Good Samaritan” in Luke chapter 10? It is focused on a man who was robbed, beaten by thieves and left by the roadside. A couple of religious leaders came by, took a look at the man and his condition and then continued on their journey.  The third passerby was a Samaritan. The Bible makes it clear in John 4 that the Jews had no dealings with their Samaritan neighbors. This man was different. He had compassion on the wounded man. He bound up his wounds, placed him on his donkey and took him to nearby inn where he could recuperate. He also paid the bill at the inn.

The truth of the story is those who were expected to help did not and the one who was thought to be of no help rescued the man.

Every day we come into contact with people in need. They may be family members, neighbors, workmates or strangers. It easy to say someone ought to help them. Maybe that someone is ME! As children of God we miss opportunities to be a blessing because we do not get involved.

As we examine the needy people with whom we have contact what is our response? God may ask us to interrupt our day long enough to join Him as He ministers to those in need. Let me conclude with a simple thought, “If you were the person in need would you like for someone to offer help”?  If you were the person whose heart God touched, how long would you have to wait for a response? Let us learn the lesson of the Good Samaritan.

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1 Response to Time for God?

  1. Linda Fuller says:

    Thank you Pastor McAlister,
    I enjoy ready your articles, letters and the fun things you post. They lighten my heart and encourage me. Blessings to you and your family

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