Psalm 23

Psalm 23:1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

David is writing this great Palm from firsthand experience. He spent many a day and night watching over his father’s sheep. He understood the deep relationship between a shepherd and his flock. He was responsible not only to feed the sheep but to protect them from their enemies. He told King Saul he had killed a lion and a bear that came after the sheep.

The word for shepherd and pastor in the Greek language is the same word. The pastor, like the shepherd, must feed the sheep. That is why he leads them into green pastures. While living in New Zealand for 18 years I learned quite a bit about sheep and their feeding habits. The shepherds regularly moved the sheep from one paddock (pasture) to another. This ensured that they never overgrazed any particular feeding spot. Some pastors have not learned that truth when it comes to feeding their sheep. They continually feed from one small pasture, in most cases their own hobby horse subjects. After a while this will cause sheep to either grow weak or start to look for greener pastures. The phrase “I shall not want” means to be completely content. A well fed sheep will be a content sheep. One final thought, no matter how good the pasture is the sheep still has the responsibility to eat. The best sermons and lessons produce no fruit if the sheep are not willing to take in what they have heard. Let us learn these truth from Psalm 23:1

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