Difference Maker

A young lady who received a book from a young man, read it and said, “What a tiresome book!” The young man said, “Did you notice who wrote it?” She looked at the front page and saw that her lover was the author. She began to read it again, and at the end she said, “I never read a greater book.” What made the difference; her relationship to the writer.

Many people find reading their Bible a tedious time. I believe that may be the case because their relationship with the author is not what it should be. When we open the pages of the sacred Scriptures it helps to realize the one who saved our soul and rescued our life, lives within us. He wants to communicate to us through His Word. Read the Word with that thought in mind and you will be amazed how it speaks to your heart.

We should set a side time every day to allow God to speak to us through His Word.

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