On the day Jesus was crucified, large numbers of people stood at the foot of the cross, watching while others marched by the cross observing the Roman rite of execution by crucifixion. It was a slow and agonizing method of death. The religious leaders mocked Him. The Roman soldiers after nailing Jesus to the cross knelt at the foot of the cross gambling over His single earthly possession, a seamless robe. The large crowd followed the leadership of their religious leaders and railed against the man on the cross.

On either side of Jesus was a convicted thief dying to pay for his crime against society. Both of them began to join the crowd and mocked Jesus. However, one of the thieves later turned to Jesus and asked Him to remember him. Jesus told him he would join him in Heaven that very day.

In our society this significant event is both a national holiday and a religious event. Some like the soldiers, religious leaders and the one thief never recognize the significance of the man on the center cross. But for us who know the truth of the story and have received Christ as our Savior we have the assurance we will one day see Him face to face. I hope you have that same assurance

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